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International Business – special educational offer in the English language!

The Institute of Economics and Management at University of Economy in Bydgoszcz recruits for the training in economics in English, specialization: International Business.

The purpose of the specialization is to equip students with the practical knowledge of economics and finance, which allows them to make accurate management decisions, as well as to provide them with the competence to take effective actions both in domestic companies and international corporations.

The course in economics in English is prepared for those who are interested in gaining or broadening the knowledge and skills in the field of international business. It is also possible to adjust the specialization to other related areas if necessary.


The specialization provides a combination of comprehensive knowledge of macro-and microeconomic with high language skills, particularly in English. A graduate of the master degree studies in economics with a specialization in International Business is well acquainted with the field of economics, the economics of international trade, business economics, European integration and international law. 

Moreover, a graduate has the in-depth knowledge of: 

  1. functioning of commodity markets and the global market
  2. business activities on international markets
  3. accounting and international finances
  4.  international banking
  5.  transnational corporations
  6. functioning of global supply chains



A graduate of the studies in economics with the specialization in International Business gains the following abilities: 

1. to analyze and interpret costs in a company for the purposes of decision-making

2. to assess the condition of the companies and their competition in the international market

3. to analyze and interpret economic phenomena

4. to prepare development plans for companies operating on global markets

5. to make strategic decisions on global markets

6. to negotiate with business partners

7. to implement innovative solutions in the enterprise

Personal and social competence 

 A graduate of the studies in Economics with the specialization in International Business:


 1.  has the competence to work independently, including on managerial positions in foreign trade enterprises, in trade and logistics departments of manufacturing companies

 2. has essential competence to work in consulting companies

 3. has the ability to work in a team

 4. has the power to conduct an independent economic activity

 5. can communicate effectively with the environment

 6. is active in the expansion of knowledge of economics and international trade

 7. is aware of ethical behavior in business 

Practical Preparation 

  Practical preparation includes expert lectures and workshops conducted by outstanding practitioners in the area of ​​economics, finances, international trade and international banking. 

Employment prospects 

Graduates of the International Business may successfully apply for the following positions: 

1. specialists in the import and export trading companies and production companies engaged in trading activities on foreign markets

2 as trade specialists in international corporations

3. in local government administration

4. in chambers of commerce and economic

5. in departments responsible for the economic analyses of production and trade

6. in transport companies, logistics service providers on positions related to the area of trade  

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