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9-13 April 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

Baltic Region Collaboration in Agenda 2030 Implementation
My Contribution in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030

The goal of the Conference is to contribute to the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) by means of increasing awareness, clarification of the vision of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 for the Region, strengthening networking and partnership, and building competences for peace-keeping and sustainable development in the Region.

After approval of UN Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, many countries started integration of SDGs into national policies and strategies. Clarification of the vision of the importance and ways of achieving of the SDGs at national level as well as at the level of institutions and organizations within countries is prerequisite of successful implementation of Agenda 2030. Participants of the Conference – students from BUP countries – will discuss dimensions of the SDGs, create the vison of the Baltic Sea Region in 2030, identify challenges on the way to BSR-2030, propose approaches and instruments for implementation of the Agenda 2030 and determine personal contribution. As an option, the Program includes one-day trip to Chornobyl Zone in order to understand how to address technological and environmental safety challenges on a way to sustainability of human society.

Presentations, group discussions and group works will provide learning opportunities for participants, create platform for exchange of ideas and experiences, and will result in strengthening BUP network for sustainable development.



This year conference will be organized within Ukraine’s presidency of Baltic University Programme 2017 and will take place outside Kiev.



Teachers of the BUP’s courses or/and the BUP’s contact persons at the universities are asked to choose students and list them according to the priority and send the list to their national BUP’s centre. Students coming from our members’ or/and participating’ universities are welcome to apply for participation in the conference. Students from the BUP´s members' universities will, however, be given priority. Please notice that all students applying should have a recommendation from the local BUP’s teacher, BUP’s contact person at the university, or the BUP’s national center.

The national BUP’s centres will be responsible for selecting a final list of participants from the respective countries. Please remember when sending the list of students to your Centre that we need to have e-mail addresses to every student. The students will be given a task in preparation for the conference. The centres will compile a list according to the students’ activity within the Programme and deliver it to the BUP’s secretariat/Maria Hejna for a final selection of student candidates for the conference.



All BUP’s Centres are welcome to select up to 5 students per country. Please send more so in case a country does not fill up its places they will be divided among the others.


The conference is free of charge for students from the BUP's Members' Universities and for them all costs of accommodation, food, and local transportation connecting Kiev with the conference place and back will be covered by the Baltic University Programme coordinating secretariat. A course fee of 260 Euro per person applies for all other students. All students must however cover all travel costs to and from Kiev themselves.

BUP’s Centres and teachers are kindly asked to advice and help students to find financial support for their travel costs.

Please see the updated list of BUP's Members' Universities on the BUP web site (



This year’s conference will take place in the Hotel Complex Puscha Lesnaya, 1 Lesnaya Str., Moshchun Village (12 km from Kyiv)

The Conference will start on Sunday, 9th of April and end on Wednesday, 13th of April 2017. All participating students are kindly asked to take part in the entire conference.


The bus will be waiting for all students at the main building of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, at 13.00 on the 9th of April 2017. Address: 2 Scovorody Street (Kontractova Square), Kiev.


The bus will be leaving Complex Puscha Lesnaya on Sunday, 13th of April at 9.30 and will be in Kiev at about 11.30 (arrival to central terminal having convenient connection by shuttle bus connection to airports Boryspil and Zhuliany) so please book your travel back from Kiev starting no earlier than at 16.00.

For detailed information please contact with Ph.D. Piotr Prus using the following email:

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